Fly from Tanzania to Maseru, Leshoto

Maseru serves as a convenient pit stop to resupply before continuing on to explore the rest of Lesotho, which is renowned as the "Kingdom in the Sky." Lesotho provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking mountain cliffs, enormous horizons, and infinite hiking paths as one of the remaining really rural tourist locations in the world. The Lesotho War Memorial and the Helang Basali Craft Center in the St. Agnes Mission, which houses some of the finest tapestries in the world, are two sights worth seeing in and around Maseru, which is most well-known for being the ideal starting point from which to discover Lesotho's wonders.

Airlink offers same day flights from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to Maseru, Leshoto. Book online now or visit our offices in Dar es Salaam city centre to book your trip.

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