Fly from Tanzania to Bloemfontein South Africa

The Free State's capital and cultural and economic hub is Bloemfontein (meaning Blooming Fountain). It is referred to be South Africa's judicial capital and is located in the country's central region. It is home to the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Bloemfontein is regarded as the "City of Roses," and the annual Rose Festival is a well-liked local event, despite the fact that the city is situated on dry grassland and borders the semi-arid Karoo. It also has the only Botanic Gardens in the Free State, a beautiful haven for wildlife and flowers. Bloemfontein is a good starting point for visiting other tourist destinations in the Free State, but the city itself has a lot to commend it.

Bloemfontein invites visitors to explore in a leisurely and unhurried manner thanks to its superb art galleries, museums, and unique architecture. Even though it is a contemporary metropolis, it nevertheless retains a "small town" feel to it

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