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Three night breaks available from $500 per person from Dar es Salaam depending on choice of accommodation.

Off the coast of East Africa, there is an archipelago of four islands called Zanzibar. Its largest island, Unguja, is frequently called Zanzibar. Zanzibar has served as a stronghold for numerous nations over the course of its history due to its advantageous location in the Indian Ocean beside the routes used for the slave and spice trades. Even in 1832, Oman proclaimed Zanzibar its capital for a period of 30 years. Then, Zanzibar became a British protectorate until it merged with Tanganyika to form Tanzania in the 1960s.

Spices and tourism are currently its main industries. However, it is still exceedingly uncommon to locate people who have been to the island, making it an ideal place that is still incredibly remote

With its interesting history, amazing scenery, mesmerizing sunsets, and stunning beaches, Zanzibar offers the best possible taste of the Indian Ocean. All of these features are surrounded by the aroma of exotic spices. Zanzibar is the ideal location to indulge your wanderlust if you're searching for a serene yet energetic getaway.

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Zanzibar Explorer
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